Small riding tractor for South Sudan


After experimenting with a walk behind tractor and consulting with farmers and partners in Africa we have decided a small riding tractor is the best way to help African farmers.

The inspiration for our riding tractor design is an antique tractor built in the United States in the 1940’s.

We are currently designing and building a prototype in a shop in Manitoba using simple processes that can be replicated in existing metal fabrication shops in Africa.

We are very thankful for the shop that has been provided and the expertise of the two men who have volunteered their time to the prototype design.


Once we have built our prototype we will create scale drawings and printed step by instructions to take to Africa.

We already have a ministry partner in Juba, South Sudan eager to begin building our small riding tractor.

We also have informal expressions of interest from partners in Nigeria and Uganda.

Manufacturing the tractor in Africa using processes familiar to established metal fabrication shops and using locally sourced materials will keep the cost of the tractor low.


Non governmental organizations, farmer co-ops, and individual farmers will be able to purchase the tractor from our manufacturing partners.

We see this as a win-win situation. Sustainable manufacturing jobs are created and farmers in Africa will be able to produce more food than is needed for their familes thus creating a robust agricultural economy.

It is anticipated that these acts of kindness will open doors in people’s hearts to the kingdom of God.

As part of our ministry of sharing the Gospel we are committed to a high level of long term after sales support.