Brian Dyck

I have been a production farmer, making my living with it by growing much more than what my family could possibly consume. Over the years, there has been a growing awareness that there are farmers in this world who are not able to produce enough food to meet even the basic needs of their families.

Ruth and I have always had a sense of responsibility towards the Lord and missions so when I got an opportunity to manage a farm project in South Sudan, I decided that I would go rather than missing an opportunity that the Lord had clearly called me to.

As a result of that experience the idea of a small tractor simple enough to build and maintain in Africa was born.

As we slowly but surely move this vision along we are finding more and more that it is a way that we can demonstrate the kindness of God that will, hopefully, lead people to God.

Ruth Dyck

As a child it was instilled in me that I had a calling on my life as a believer in Jesus. And was encouraged to join His mission in loving people and bringing the Gospel no matter where I was.

What we are doing now, I feel, is a culmination of life experience and call to missions and there’s an opportunity that has been set before us to get involved in Africa.

It’s kind of like God has blown the doors wide open for us and so by faith we make decisions to move forward in faith even though we know we are imperfect people.

I feel like there’s a greater depth of understanding now of what He wants for His creation and so with this tractor project, we don’t know the final end will look like exactly but it’s kind of like, “Okay Lord we’re leaving the results to You and we’re just taking it a step at a time and this is the next step."